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    Hartland Machinery Company, Inc.
    INDUSTRIAL Auctions
    Machine TOOL SALES



    Hartland Machinery Co. Inc. has been buying and selling new and used machine shop and fabrication machinery since 1986.  We buy single machine tools or complete plants. 


    Our Auction Division -Hartland Machinery Auctioneers- has been liquidating companies since 1990. 

    Thinking of Having an Auction?
    We specialize in Machine/Fab shops, Industrial & Construction auctions. 
    As a local company we provide everything you'd expect from the "big guys" and more - at a fraction of the cost! The Difference is the Details!

    We also pay a generous finders fee for referring companies who hold an auction with us!

       Are you in need of a new or used machine tool but don't want to spend precious time searching everywhere for the right piece at the right price?  
    Just tell us as specifically as possible what you need and let us find it for you! 
    Click here
    to request that we find your machine.


    Do you have unused machinery that we can turn into money for you? 
    Click here and tell us about it. 

    Look for us on Ebay! Seller ID - hartlandmachinery







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    Locally owned and operated in Portersville, Pennsylvania, Hartland Machinery (not to be confused with Heartland Machinery - they're in Iowa) is THE used machine dealer (or broker if you prefer), for all CNC, lathes, boring mills, machining centers, turning centers, manual machinery, drills, grinders, lifting devices, mills, cranes, pipe threaders, planers, presses, press brakes, rolls, rotary tables, sanders, saws, shears, welders, wheel presses, comparators, and many more! We buy and sell names you know like: Haas, Mazak, Okuma, Okuma Howa, Bridgeport, Leblond, Lodge & Shipley, Giddings & Lewis or G&L, Monarch, Warner & Swasey, Doall, Mori Seiki, Daewoo, Cincinnati, Lucas, Wotan, King, Bullard, Milwaukee, Niles, Promax, Tos, Newall, Whacheon, Hwacheon,  American and many more! We also have selected new machine tools available in our inventory!


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